Thursday, February 23, 2012

Extreme Editing And Combining Editing Software

A few weeks ago a Flickr site called Kreative People asked me to join their group and posted what is called a 'challenge'.
Take a mundane photo and edit it to your wildest dreams.  No 'holds barred' ...anything goes.

So I decided to make a 'creation' from a source photo.
I found it to be rather fun.
The first one was rather abstract:
The second one was a Lighthouse:
The lighthouse was great fun as I had to go back and re-read some great tutorials that I'd 'bookmarked' a few years ago. 

Then on the Topaz Labs Forum there was another contest.  Oh what the heck.  It was a photo of the side of a building.  What to do?

 The original can be seen on Flickr, photo credit Christian Gruber.

Well, I decided to combine Mandelbulber 3D and Daz Studio 4, what could I possibly come up with?
 Yup.  Bizzare.  But I was having a whole lot of fun!

Then I decided to really mess around.  I combined Topaz Lab products, a photo of my forest, Daz Studio 4 characters, some Obsidian Dawn brushes, and same very nifty tricks with masking and 'faking' rays of light with Photoshop 7.0.
[Note~Who needs the latest Creative Suite, when the old stuff will still do it all!]

And I came up with this:
Are We Alone?

This was loads of fun.  It took me a few days to 'create' this scene.  There was a lot of agonizing over what to do and where to 'place' the aliens ... and how to create 'seed pods'.
[Thinking...Invasion of the Body Snatchers!]

Yes, I really have to get back out in the woods with Morris and get some more great nature shots.

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