Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Something's watching ~ by Morris

SHE told me that it wasn't dangerous.  She said she'd bring the leash to keep me close, and her pistol of course in case the coyotes started coming for me.

When she got into the creek with her tripod-y thingy and the camera, SHE
pay any
attention to me at all!

I could have been whisked away by an angry coyote [they are territorial in February and March sometimes]...
or even worse 
or something!

Nope, she just walked along looking at the little trout in the stream and taking all sorts of pretty pictures.

On the way home I felt something was watching us.  I don't know.
Have you ever got that really creepy feeling that something is....

I did.
SHE didn't!

It was a good thing SHE had me along.  You know I can detect things with my nose and ears that SHE'd never see or hear.

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  1. Hey Val, I hope nothing too serious is going on with Morris. I just heard about his emergency trip to the vet. Saying a prayer!


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