Monday, February 06, 2012

Get moving!

Get Moving!  You hear that in advertisments all the time.  Sitting around doesn't do a body good.

Of course I am one of those who hate sitting around anyway.
Imagine my surprise when my husband decided to come along with me for a morning 'mini' hike.
I was really quite pleased.

We walked down our ridge road and he looked at what he and his handy-dandy chain saw had to 'clean up' while I walked with my camera looking at animal tracks and things to shoot.

I got a few shots of him which were quite enjoyable.
He even helped me play in the creek.  We built a little rock 'dam'.  Which really won't do anything, but we were doing it together ... which is was counted.
Further down the creek he spotted some trout.
Now this was fantastic.
Last year I'd spotted trout further down the creek, but never ever in 16 years could I recall finding them this close to the original spring.
We also hunted around for cool looking rocks and generally spent some time meandering around together, poking and prodding at things.

We split up at one point.  I wanted to go to the 'crossing' and get a few shots of the water falls there.  The water 'falls' are only about 18", but they do make noise and it is a great opportunity to try and get a nice 'water shot'.  
The day was nearly perfectly overcast for it.

Getting out and getting moving...I think I enjoyed it more with my best friend along.  That time 'playing' in the creek will always bring a smile of joy to my face.

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