Monday, July 18, 2011

Warning from the NOAA ~ Excessive Heat

Heat index, hot.
Air humid.
Temperatures at night 'record breaking' for our part of Wisconsin.


On our farm, I've been giving the hound dogs sponge baths and making sure they have shade and cool water every couple of hours.

The equine and the cattle have shade, but I was just out filling stock tanks and watched the molly mules and the mares standing next to shade ... in the open meadow ... and sleeping.
They were lined up head to tail.
The tail of the first animal lazily swept the flies of the one standing next to them.

Badger is paired up with Opal in a special shaded lot near the top of the ridge. A breeze is blowing and they both seem unconcerned. Badger is showing some heat stress, so I gave him a sponge bath to cool him down.

Doing any hard labor brings on buckets of sweat. Just moving hoses and a few stock tanks left me soaked.
As I stood with Opal and Badger though, a sultry breeze came through the shaded area and I was cooled somewhat.

Open areas and a shaded canopy are some of the ways these animals keep themselves cooled.
The herd often visits the mineral salt blocks and this keep their electrolytes up. It also encourages the drinking of water.

The NOAA site says this oppressive heat wave will continue through mid-week. This means extra vigilance on my part as an animal owner.
I gladly accept the responsibility.

Damn it is hot. Heat index or not.
Hot is just...HOT.

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