Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Storm Chase

This is the storm that I 'chased' the other day coming home from work in the morning.

I really didn't chase it.
It was a narrow band of bad lightening and heavy rain that hit as I left work.

This storm stuck with me for 30 miles following the very same path that I was driving.
At times lightening bolts that burst into fire balls struck on the side of the road.

Yeah, okay.
I nearly pulled over and checked my pants.
I was sure that the streets would be flooded when I got to town. But as I drove through town and headed towards home, I realized that I was traveling with the front.

As I neared our gravel road I drove out of the driving rain and saw the front.
I pulled over and took a shot before racing the rain that I could see in my rearview mirror.

Wicked Cool.

Shoot with a point and shoot pocket camera.
Always carry one, you never know what may come up.

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