Friday, July 15, 2011

Does this Saddle make my Butt look Big???


I know, that line caught you didn't it?
Admit it!

Sunshine not much like her mom, Cheyanne. I was convinced that Cheyanne was the most conceited horse I ever came across.
I swear, she did not want to go out on a ride unless she looked her best.

She adored grooming and any time she could have her mane and tail braided. She seemed to prance more lightly if she had been 'gussied' up.

Sunshine on the other hand is more, well...

She really could give a ...rat's ... well you know.

So I saddle up with my handmade custom saddle. [Not fancy mind you...very plain Jane, but made for my derriere and no one else's. Also made on a Mule-tree...meaning made for a mule's back.]

Sunshine looks over her shoulder as if to say. Sweet saddle.
I use the black saddle pad. Her mom preferred the black one, it had a 'slimming' effect on her mid-line.

Sunshine is typically unconcerned.
She is a mule that is about business.

She is more concerned about how she can get from point 'A' to 'B' in the most efficient manner.

I think Sunshine should talk with Opal. Opal hates people but likes to be 'gussied' up and step out.

How do I know these things?
Well jeeze, hang out with a mule and you would learn too!

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  1. Bahaha!! That cracked me up. My mare Dream is like that..she will only do her best, IF she looks her best. I have three greys, a light palomino and a paint, and thankfully, Dream is the only one who won't roll after a bath.