Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot Day, Misty Creek

Morris and I headed out to check the electric fence in the woods and to make sure the line along the top of the creek bottom was still intact and had not been knocked down by roaming deer.

After an inch of rainfall the night before and the promise of 90+ degree weather for the coming days, I felt that I should do this hike while the temperatures were still in the 80's.

To my surprise, when I got to the bottom of the hill road, there was a fog, or mist, hanging above the creek bottom.

I guess I should have expected it. The creek is spring fed and therefore fairly cold. The difference between the air above the creek and at the creek was at least 10 degrees different.

The exception was there was no breeze to move the fog above the it hung eerily.
It also added a bit of surreal quality to the forest. Everything was hushed, except for the noise of the water running over the rocks.

The intense green of the leaves and the mossy rocks just added to the atmosphere.
Several times I lost sight of Morris as he walked along the rocky bottom.

We did however find some wonderful juicy ripe black cap raspberries to eat.

We checked the fences, then headed back up towards the ridge.

The sun broke through the cloud cover and burned down on us. A blue haze covered the ridge.

I sighed and looked back down towards the creek. What a wonderful and exotic little escape we'd had while checking fences.


  1. We need some rain here. Everything is drying out after a very green spring and early summer.

  2. It was very dry for a few weeks. But when we get rain, we get it by the inch and all in 10 minutes.

    Hope your weather improves!