Friday, July 29, 2011

Am I Coming or Going?

So when you think you have run out of things to do, you can always set up a 'fun shot' using a tripod and any old camera that has a 10 second delay.

Mark a spot so that you can find it before the shutter goes off, and take some photos of yourself rapidly [so the sunlight doesn't change on you and screw up the exposure].

Put all of your shots into some form of editing program. I used Photoshop 7.0.
I stacked the photos and used Topaz ReMask 3.2 to cut myself out of the stacked photos.

I just did a quick edit:
I used the blue brush to quickly outline myself.

Then hit looked good so I clicked on 'OK' and I was isolated from the background.
I did that for 2 of the poses and then had my 'multiple exposure' shot.
Quick and simple, looks like magic, but it isn't.

The bonus was the shot with Morris standing there. It was not planned as I cannot really figure out what this dog has on his mind.
I think it just added to the fun of the over all shot.

Now that I've tried this, I might be ready to try a more interesting type of 'collage'!

Written also for Press the Shutter, A Photography Forum and posted under the Image Editing Section for discussion.

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