Sunday, January 24, 2010

Writing Influence?

I've just met author Leigh Russell and have started following her blog CRIME FICTION.

Some of her musings regarding writing, inspiration, the excitement of having a book in print, ... and the experience of writing in general started turning some little cogs in my head.

Who was your writing influence?
Did you have one?


Mine was my dad. He was a *Word Artist*.

He could tell a story with a dialogue~~and that story had a beginning, middle, ending, and moral within 3o or 60 seconds.
He used to explain to me that when he wrote, he had to make every word count.
Dad's influence on me was this.
Make it funny.
Make it short.
Make it to the point.

I love to write. I love to write short funny pieces.
The ideas hit me broadside sometimes...
at the worst of times.

While driving down the road, going to sleep, or walking in the forest.
A great idea, the words pop into my head and sometimes are gone by the time I get home.

I need a *mind* recorder.

I'll probably never publish a novel. I'll more than likely stick with short pieces and odd ball funnies.

... and of course story books for my Grand children.

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  1. That explains .... influences can be powerful. I'm so glad that you are living up to yours! Wonderful post and photo Val....


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