Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter blues or Cabin Fever?

I think it is beginning to feel as though Winter is dragging its feet. Days upon days of fog [pretty], then days of rain and sleet...and ice...
Our gravel road has turned into a nightmare of ice with a sprinkle of light gravel on the top from the town truck.

The recent rains and subsequent ice has made for treacherous walking even in the woods. I think part of the 'Cabin Fever' is because of the days of rain and sleet, which keeps even the hardiest of souls inside.

Morris really didn't even spend much time out in it!

I'll probably bundle up and take a walk in it today anyway. I need to get out and get some fresh air [that is not work related!].

The woods always seem to revive my sense of humor.

To keep myself busy these past few days of ugly weather, I've decided to view some of my archives from my visit in September-October with my brother and his family in Virginia.
Hump Back Rock...the walk and the view from the top.

Enjoy the views:

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  1. Probably both! What you might need is a nice surefooted walk in your forest with Morris....


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