Friday, January 15, 2010

Ride into the sunset and klutz

With about a half an hour to spare of sunlight, I decided to grab Badger and go for a jaunt.

The air was warm and the snow was melting. A bareback ride seemed in order after all I wasn't really going to go too very far. Just a bit of 'trekking' in the woods on the deer trails and perhaps the long way around to get the mail.

He was willing and I was able.
So off we went.

We eventually ended up on our gravel road and headed out to watch the sun set.
Of course the photos aren't very great...but the fun we had was.

And after all, what kind of sunset would it be if it didn't have mule ears in it???

Oh the fun and embarrassing part happened after this wonderful exhilarating ride. [yeah we loped!]

I put Badger away as the dusk started to close in on us. The skies were turning purple and the temps were dropping rapidly.

The driveway in front of our house had melted considerably during the day. What I didn't realize when I walked between the that that MELT had turned to glare ice.

It is embarrassing to say the least.
I don't bounce like I used to.
In fact I did a dive.
Bent my glasses, chipped a tooth, whacked my head,
bruised up a lot of pieces and parts...
But did not break anything.

What a glorious way to end a near perfect day.


  1. Chipped a tooth?! Owwwie! :(

    Love the pics! Glad you got to ride!

  2. Val .. join the club. I've been too embarrassed to mention the fact that for 5 days now I've been laying low because I slipped on the darn ice while walking Maggie at the end of yet another perfect day. Went to the doctor, nothing broken, but I believe you when you say that you don't fall like you use to! I landed on my ribcage and still can't take a good deep breath! Hope that you are healing quicker than I am! Love the snow, but that darn ice is treacherous!

  3. Oh I'll heal. Those embarrassing moments are so precious aren't they?

    I jumped up to look around to 'make sure NO one else saw'.


    Like who would on my farm?
    MJ~heal up soon!

  4. See those moments in our family are very precious as we all have a sick sense of humor and like a good fall. It's difficult to laugh and cry at the same time but I've done it - and the whole time saying owie owie owie!!!!!!! Hope you feel better soon - mj you too!!


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