Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doggy Dreams

He runs with me in the mornings and protects me from 'unseen' dangers.
[okay...I'm not running...I'm usually just hiking!]

He stops and looks around, alert with his ears perked up. I look around and see nothing.

We walk on and I turn around to see him with his face buried in the snow...hunting up 'smart pills' or more commonly known as...

deer droppings...

He gets sidetracked by a big downed tree and ignores my calls to him.

When he does come, he has to 'swim' through the snow as he is not on a trail.

Sometimes I think our walks are as much about me having fun watching him, than anything else.
My camera lens always seems to be attracted to him in some way.

I wish I could have his energy. He must travel many more miles than I do on our hikes.

I also wish I had his talent for instant napping and happy doggy dreams.


  1. Love the ground level Morris on the Trail photo! AND wouldn't it be great if we all could just forget our troubles and fall asleep like that after a full day of chasing deer droppings?

  2. Actually I just bent a bit to take that as that trail is part of a steep hillside!

    I thought the perspective would be fun.

    Now off to dream!


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