Monday, April 01, 2013

Comparing Cameras and more snow melt!

I hope Neal who left a comment can see this or will read this.  He asked a question regarding the FujiFilm HS30.

This shot was done with the FujiFilm FinePix 30EXR.
I used a ND Filter X4 with a ND Filter .6 added.
Here are the settings:
Exposure:     1/10 of a second
Aperture:       f/11
Focal length: 38.33
ISO:                200 could have gone with 100
I used a tripod with a the delay option to avoid camera shake.

Here is somewhat the same shot with a Nikon D40 using a telephoto lens and a ND filter 1000X which means the filter is black and hard to see through, allowing for much longer exposures in bright sunlight.
The colors are different because of course the cameras are different.  I left the tripod in the same place.
Here are the settings for this shot:
Exposure:     13 seconds 
Aperture:       f/25
Focal length: 200mm
ISO:               200 
The Nikon D40 does not go below 200 ISO and I took the zoom to its highest level.
I have a remote for this camera so I used that.

Both shots were shot in their RAW format and processed with the software that came with the cameras.
I then used Adobe Elements 5 to process them.   

The next two shots come from my Nikon D3100, the camera is faster and has more focal points than the D40.
The first shot was shot in Program Auto.
You can see the movement in the water here.
Exposure:      1/100th of a second
Aperture:        f/5
Focal length:  55mm 
ISO:                 100

Same place now with a ND .6 filter.  The day was heavily overcast so I didn't need much of a ND filter to help slow down the exposure.

Exposure:      1/6th of a second
Aperture:       f/22
Focal length: 55mm
ISO:                100
I left the lens at the same spot and just added the filter.  I tried to get the very same shot, but inadvertently moved the tripod while putting on the filter.

Lastly, for those who enjoy not only photos but videos, I brought along a Point of View video camera called the Drift.  It can be attached to a car, or a helmet.  In this case I carried it and was able to catch yet another small 'flash flood'.

The video was compiled in Windows Live Movie Maker which is not very difficult to do and is fun.

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