Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Get your Mud Boots On!

This morning we had a brilliant orange sunrise.  
I ran out with the camera and grabbed a few shots.
Lately, seeing the sun has been a rarity as was this beautiful sunrise.

Forecast for later today...indicates 1.5 to 3" of rain by morning.  That is a lot of water.
We've had two days of sunshine this week and there was even a bit of drying out in the higher areas of the winter pastures.

However, this morning's sky was worth getting outside for and to watch the sun come through the tree tops...that is, before the sun disappeared under a mass of grey skies yet again.

Yesterday on my trip back from town I stopped by the Readscreek where a small pond is and found some Canada Geese. 
At least the world around us is slowly making a transformation into spring.  A cold wet transformation. 
We are told we need the rain, yet I don't think all of the frost has come out of the ground so the rain won't seep in.
Anyway a rain of up to 3" quickly won't do well for the ground, it will run quickly off.

For now, I am happy to see the green spikes of the daffodills coming up out of the brown yard.

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The Three Muleteers said...

Nice to see the Spring! Our daffodils are nearly over, I miss them when they're gone. Hopefully the grass will grow soon to make things look green and clean.