Sunday, April 14, 2013

Grand kids visit by Morris

Have you any idea how tough it is to keep my 'kids' accounted for?
They run here, they run there.  
Miss Ariel had me on a leash which the G's insisted on. 

We went out to do the 'chores' ... wow, they were excited...the kids, not the Grandparents.

I tried to show Ariel all the interesting stumps and trees that needed my 'watering'.  She kept running with me, and I went along gladly.

 I was hoping we'd run off into the woods and play roll in the yucky mud and eat gross things.
But that didn't seem to be the intention of the kids and the Grandpa.  It started to get pretty cold outside and we all piled into the itty bitty house.

Grandma hooked up her 'puter thingy on the flat screen thingy and we all watched a movie called Cats & Dogs, I think.

I mostly snuggled.

I even got to sleep in bed with Ariel.
Best visit ever.

I hope they come again soon.   

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Lori Skoog said...

The color in these shots is incredible. Looks cold out there.