Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring by Morris

Oh I love Spring.
It was a really nice day to go out on a woodsy adventure.
The mud and water was really fine looking on my white legs.

I don't think she appreciated it at all.  
She even threatened me with the word, bath. 
Nope, I've had plenty of baths this spring.

She was looking for something she calls wildflowers.  She sure does like looking at things on the ground.
I like running through the creek and smelling old bones.
I like to run circles around her and sometimes hide behind a tree.

She gets pretty aggrivated when I hide and she can't see me.

She makes this 'phfft phfft' noise and clucks her tongue if I don't come right away she then makes my name very loud and verrry long.

'Moooorrrr-iiiiiiiisssss' she hollers, oh that is when I know I am in for it.  I come right away and sit down at her feet and look up at her innocently.

Usually then she notices that I've been rolling in something delightfully icky.  I didn't yesterday though.  I really was not up for a bath, I didn't want to smell like flowery shampoo.

She acted all excited and told me that she had found the Dutchman's Breeches coming up...

Then she found wild leeks all over the place.

Gosh, you'd think she found gold or something.  I wasn't impressed at all.  She likes to pick these things and add them to soups and stews I guess.

Then she found the little starts of Jewel Weed...she doesn't like them much as they grew up tall in the creek last year and made walking very hard.
They don't stay in the creek if there are heavy rains.

And then I thought she was going to do something rash when she found Mayflowers.
But heck, it is May soon right?

To top things off she found MaidenHair Fiddle Sticks.  I guess they come up red.

Nicest thing though, I got to smell all sorts of good smells, I got muddy and wet.
And she did not make me take a bath.
I got toweled off when we got home and settled in for a nice nap on her pink sweatshirt.

Spring is nice.
Life is good.   

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The Three Muleteers said...

Looks like a perfect Spring day Morris, even better with no bath! Glad to see those first signs of life appearing after a long hard winter, enjoy :-)