Sunday, April 21, 2013

Signs of Spring

The sun was shining which is a rarity around here lately.
I grabbed a leash, the gun, the cameras, and then went to the door ...

Morris was leaping and whining.
He knew it was 'walk time'.  Time for him to run around, find deer pellets to eat [smart pills], pee on everything that needs marking.

We found Skunk Cabbage!

Morris wasn't really interested in that though, he was checking out the recent changes in the creek.
The past week of heavy rains had changed the creek in a few ways.
We even saw trout.  
What a treat.

I sat on a log at the Big Spring and watched the flow from the Spring.  It was amazing the amount of water that came out of the bottom of the hillside.
Not far from that Spring Marsh Marigolds were beginning to bloom.

Further down the creek next to the 'almost' washed out Culvert that the snow mobile club had put in, I found a Wild Parsnip.

The flowering wild parsnip is a noxious weed.  When flowering in July and August they can burn you.
The root tastes the same as a regular parsnip.
I figured this had been uprooted from the Flash Flood the day before.

I stuck it in a plastic bag and put it in my pocket.  Along with some sprouts of wild onions and some frozen morels, I had some good ingredients for the soup I was making.   

Oh and if you are wondering, it did taste pretty good!

On my way home I walked through the creek towards our property.
I found yet one more iron concretion rock.  I have quite a collection of them now.
They are basically ugly and bumpy, not colorful or beautiful.

But from what I understand, they are not common.  Yet while wandering about, they seem to appear at my feet for no reason.

Oh well, always was a 'rock' hound!        

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The Three Muleteers said...

Lovely pictures, those Skunk Cabbage are amazing looking plants! Hope Spring continues her transformation for you :-)