Monday, April 22, 2013

Mandelbulb Fractal 3D something different.

I will not pretend to understand the IFS flames in Mandelbulb 3D at all, but I do know that using a IFS flame in the first formula presents with interesting results.

I went to some artists sights on devianArt and studied their parameters.  I then spent some extensive time making some 'maps' for colors for both Incendia and Mandelbulb. 
I was particularily excited with this one.

The day I made it, I felt a bit out of sorts and therefore off kilter, that is what I wanted to portray anyway.

Oddly enough I found this checkerboard .jpg hanging out in a file and decided to use it on this creation since I was exploring black and white anyway.

The .jpg used:
Not interesting in itself, but when used on the above fractal, it had some great possibilities.

Next I used MengerIFS with Amazing Box and got this:

For this texture or...color I used the following:

Not something you'd expect right?

So I've been experimenting in IFS flames in MDB 3D along with adding colors of my own with very interesting results.

Not a great or stunning Mandelbulb, but I was studying how to color it more than anything else.

Then for some fun in the Wave IFS and the Amazing Box thanks to parameters by ~Len1 on deviantArt I did this.

So I've decided to do some exploring in some more smooth and less complicated fractals.  And make sure of the color maps provided and add to them.
The color maps become useful in Incendia also by the way.

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