Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Happy Chair & Onery Mule

Yesterday, Saturday promised to be a nice Spring day.  So I decided to do some nice quiet activities outside.
One of those things was collect more 'stuff' for the next Junk Day at our township.

I disposed of our old TV!  For those who know my hubby, he rarely likes to toss anything out.  He complained that I would have to pay for dumping the TV.

Oh, so that is a reason to hang on to it?  NO!
Anyway, history was made, I got rid of it at no cost.  
Not only that ~ I got rid of some 'stuff' from the garage.  Old broken halters, poly electric fence that was not usable, and other items.

So I was back in the garage when I found this old wooden chair I'd bought years ago.  It was being used to stack Junk on.  I disposed of the junk and took the chair out.
I got out my paints and decided to paint myself another 'Happy Chair'.
Hubby came along and was horrified to find me painting an 'antique'.  

I won. I am now working on making the old chair a brightly painted cheerful chair.  When finished, I might give this to my mom as a gift.  I think everyone could use a 'Happy Chair'.

Hubby came out of the house after his nap and we decided to pile brush.  He used his beloved skid steer to pick up the big pieces and I tossed the small stuff into the bucket. 

After supper I decided to go out and have a talk with my mules.
The winter paddock has slightly dried up.  There are places though that are knee deep in muck still.

I used my hands and scratched all my girl mules on their backs.
After I left Siera and went over to Mica...

Siera came up and let me know that she was there.
And that she was unhappy that I was giving a massage to another mule.   
First she just looked at me, then she tried to push Mica out of the way with her chest.

Then she laid back her ears and looked as ornery as possible.

Mules, they sure do get jealous if they think they 'own' you.
I really need to get the shedding blade out and give everyone a big 'make over'.


The Three Muleteers said...

That Happy Chair looks just the job, it could only be made better by being placed somewhere with a good view of some magnificent long ears!

Mules sure are jealous about their humans aren't they? My mini mule is particularly jealous and won't let the others near until he's had his fair share of time! Nice to be wanted I guess :)

Val said...

True, I may keep it if I fall absolutely in love with it or get motivated and find another one with neat markings like this one has.