Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Not what you think.
I took Sunshine out yesterday and groomed her, then trimmed her mane with a pair of scissors...a hatchet job at best, but I didn't want to wade through hubby's 'stuff' in the shed to get the clippers.

After I cut her mane, I saddled her with my Stonewall saddle and we rode around the yard and driveway.  Then we rode up and out, to the mailbox to check on the mail.  We took a little jaunt on the north hillside to check out the trails and too see if the ground was slippery or icy yet.
Sunshine took it all in stride.  That is one of the things I like about her and the other mules I ride.  They can go unridden for quite a while and do not need refresher courses to ride in the Spring.

After that Big Ordeal, Sunshine of course had to roll in the mud.

I took out Opal next and gave her a hack job also.  Since she is so earshy, I left her with a forelock.  She looks cute with 'bangs'.  Last time the farrier had been on the farm he'd given me a lecture on Opal and her unwillingness to pick up her feet for him or my hubby.
I said they just didn't know how to do it properly.
I was able to just tap Opal on the shoulder or hip and she picked up her feet.
The guys always try to rush her.
You cannot rush a 30+ old mule who is set in her ways, right?
She trusts me, and I earned it by working with her for over a year, never rushing, and always quiet with her.  
Talking without 'talking'.

Then Siera was at the gate waiting for her turn.  If you are wondering why most mule manes are roached it is because they usually don't lay down nicely and stick up all over the place...
such as Siera's...

I often take out these 3 girls as they are my absolute favorites.  Sunshine came from my mare Cheyanne, Opal the old People Challenged Mule, and Siera my new sweetie.
Of course none of these mules will ever replace Badger, but I do know that each lady individually has so  much to offer.

So I had a nice S.O.S. day with my girls.
Mules, gotta love 'em. 


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! Three lovely ladies you have there :-)

  2. I must admit that the SOS had me concerned. You have some very sweet girls.