Saturday, April 06, 2013

Gone Riding!

Well thank goodness!
I got home from OT and the girl of course had told me I had to be careful with what I did with the left elbow.  Rest, ice, rest.

I told her I was going riding.  Her eyes widened.  I then told her that I ride with an 8lb saddle. 

The saddle is designed after the cavalry saddle the McClellan.  But the military saddle weighs quite a bit more.

Enough said about that.  
I swung into the saddle and headed up the long driveway [still very slippery in the woods] and met up with the two little neighbor girls.

They eagerly came running towards Opal and I.  Opal who has a huge fear of strangers [ 31 yrs old] backed up and snorted.

I told the girls to stop and walk slowly and talk to Opal and not to me.  
The younger girl just turned and ran off.

The older sister who is 8 came slowly up towards us.  I dismounted. 
Opal's nose kept flaring.  
So I told Ambrosia to just stand still for a moment.  I reache over with one hand and brushed Ambrosia's shoulder and then let Opal smell my hand.

I gave Ambrosia a 'mule' treat and told her to put it in her palm, hold her hand flat and stand still and look only at Opal's chest.

She did as instructed.
Opal stretched out and sniffed, then took a small step forward and gently took the cookie.  
While she was munching, Ambrosia took her small hand and reached up and stroked Opal between the eyes and down to her muzzle.
Opal dipped her head and accepted it.

Now this would not normally be a big deal with any of my animals.  
But Opal has always always been afraid of people.  When she came to us no one could catch her.  
You couldn't touch her ears, and if she took a notion, she'd cow kick you when you saddled her.

Well I made this old lady my secret project and have since stolen her from hubby.  
His gruff ways don't get along with her, but he has forced his ways on her for so many years.

He laughs now because Opal will sneak up on me and follow me in the pasture. 
I have never ever raised my hand to her or spoken above my quiet voice with her.

Yes, she needs a haircut!  But hey, why waste the moment when it comes right?


  1. So pleased that you got out for a ride!! The look of happiness form both you and Opal says it all. The first of many to come. Opal is very lucky to have found you, what a lovely old girl she is.

  2. What a gorgeous shot of you and Opal. She is one spectacular looking 31 year old.