Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

Here it is that time of the year again.  The ugly muddy time of the year.  When the ground thaws it gets mushy and with the snow melt, it will also get muddy.

Time to bring out the bucket for boot washing before entering the house.

Today looks like it could be decent.  I've finished up the 'aluminum can', to get that certain someone to stuff it in his pick up and take it away.

Spring Clean up.
I've been working my little boney fingers off in the little red shed.
Astounding that I found tons of fencing supplies and put them all in a bucket and handed them to hubby.

Who wondered where on the earth I'd found those?  Honestly?  Really?
He forgot these? 

I found more 'goodies' he forgot about.  Like about 10 lbs of nails that the box had disintegrated around.   I put those to the side.  What I dig up, I can take in for scrap.
Poohey on waiting for him to do the tedious sifting through the dirt to find the treasures.

Okay, you are laughing.  
I'm taking on the little shed because the BIG shed is overwhelming.
By mid summer I plan on being able to park my Jeep in it if nothing else.

I found a beautifully made swallow's mud nest in the shed and took a long time admiring it.
They are incredible birds and love to live in the little red shed.

I welcome them for the insects they eat.

Not much else happening on the farm.  Occupational Therapy today and hopefully a ride on Opal this afternoon!

The Daffy's are sticking their noses up, and I hope to find some Skunk Cabbage in the valley!           

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