Friday, April 12, 2013

Morris on taking naps...

It has been quite a while since I've hijacked this blog.

She has been napping the past few days.  It has been dreary and she said she didn't feel too good.
Sort of um, like...
bleh or blah, or ick, or something.
Hot and cold, cold and hot.

She stands up for a bit then comes back to the couch and lays down and reads.
I sort of like this behavior.  It is much easier to deal with her when she is icky and enjoys taking naps on the couch.

In fact I am an expert in showing her how to take a nap.

First you need a nice warm blanket.  Then you need a pillow.
I prefer my nap partners to bring their own, I like to use theirs.

I can even nap through a movie if she plays one on the flat screen thingy that Teslin's dad brought and set up in the house.

Perfect for cuddle time.
Although I don't understand why she doesn't leave that blanket for me when she does go upstairs to go to bed.

I thought I had it all figured out.


The Three Muleteers said...

Oh Morris you really are the cleverest chap! Naps are all important, the dogs here are not supposed to nap with FH on the sofa but one of them (The Pocket Sized Labrador) knows when Man Human is out and snuggles up with FH as soon as the door closes and he's gone, they both look innocent when he gets back, it's the worst kept secret!! Keep napping, hope your expert guidance and care means your human feels better soon!

Val said...

I am clever...I have convinced my people that all the furniture in the house is dog worthy.

The old grumpy guy accepts my presence on the couch and recliner as MY rights!