Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gotta Love that Morris

I never thought I'd see the day that Morris would slow down.  Today as with every time we hike Morris ran everywhere trying to make sure that he properly 'watered' anything that a male dog could.

He ran circles around me.  He ran ahead, then ran back to me.  He is always close by.

In fact he has always been my helper and my hiking or riding buddy.

He started out at 6 weeks old hiking with me.  Below is a photo of him in my backpack.  He had tired out and I had given him a lift.

 Here is another photo from our very first hike.
Cute little bugger wasn't he?  Look at how dark his face was.
Today was no different.  
Oh and of course, he supervised everything I did.  What a good pal to watch over me when I set up a tripod or kneel down to take a photo.

But the years are starting to show up on the little guy.
When we get home he goes straight to his blanket on the couch and instantly falls asleep.
Tonight he was even slow to get up and nag me for his supper.

He is now curled up near the heater fan and is getting warmed up before he goes to bed.
He will turn 9 this year.  
His face is turning whiter.
His naps are getting longer.

Maybe he and I are starting to age 'gracefully' with each other.
I find I take naps more often now too.

Goodnight Morris.  
You are loved.



  1. Who would not love Morris???? He was adorable as a pup and still is a doll. What a nice blankie he has. Yep, it's getting easier for me to take naps too.

  2. We love Morris too! He is just such a lovely character and always brings a smile to our UK shores. FH and our Pocket Sized Labrador are growing older (dis)gracefully together. Both get more grey hairs with every year, each grey speckle makes us love the saggy, old cloth dog more, he too will be middle aged this year. Here's to many happy years hiking and having fun with our doggy buddies!