Friday, April 26, 2013

Morris makes new Friends

There is nothing quite like having children to guide you down a path that you've taken before.  They show it to you with fresh eyes...

My neighbor's little girls wanted to go for a hike and look for rocks with me.  I had to keep Morris on a tight leash as the youngest was very timid and a bit afraid of the bouncy guy.

We made it to the creek and began to walk, finding interesting little rocks to put in the backpack I'd brought along.

Soon enough the girls became fascinated with the creek itself.
It seemed that even when I cautioned them that they were entering deep parts of the creek...Deep like up to their knees deep.  And that they would get water in their boots deep...

They laughed and informed me that they have been wet before.
Indeed they have.

They even informed me that mom wouldn't care if they got sopping wet and muddy.

I had some moments when they chose to jump off from boulders into the water when ... I slightly cringed.  But they were confident and never broke stride.

I'd opened up a wonderful new playground for them.

Half way through the hike I let Morris off the leash and he followed the girls and watched over them.

Give him some youngsters and he will keep up with them and be with them no matter what.

When the youngest sat down on a rock to empty her boots of water, Morris slid up next to her and gave her a quick 'kiss' on the cheek.

She was elated.

I was elated.
I couldn't think of a better way to spend a couple of hours.  
Kids and dogs, they bring joy to your life.


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The Three Muleteers said...

Looks like heaven!