Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Today is about Fractals

Apophysis 7X
Mandelbulb 3d
Processing done in CS2 and some processing done in Bryce.

The following piece was done in Incendia and Mandelbulb 3D.  Image of the face came from Dagwanoenyent an Artist at devianArt.

I used Mandelbulb 3D in conjunction with Incendia to produce this item I call:
Medusa in the Fractal

The following fractal image began as an Apophysis 7X flame that I opened with JWildfire.  I was easily able to edit the colors and the 'flame'.
I layered two flames with the same gradient together to come up with this.
Other than being pretty, I'm not sure what this really does for me.

To me art weather it is abstract or not should cause a reaction.  Not just a 'hey that it pretty' response.

But sometimes I'm happy in the fact that I can just 'make' something.

The above image is interesting to a degree, but the tinkerer in me wants to add something to it.
Would it look good with a flood plug-in?
How would it look as an Incendia backround?
Perhaps I could make a Mandelbulb with these colors.

The list is endless.
As are the possibilities.


  1. Cool works! Very creative combinations. The Medusa in the Fractal reminds me of some Star Wars poster. :D