Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Run-off and Flash Flooding

Okay, those sound like frightful words...and I suppose they can be.

But there is nothing in the world like sitting on a rock near a ravine and hearing the distant sound of water rushing down over the rocks.

You pick a safe place and get yourself ready, both with a video camera and of course a regular digital camera.

At this point Morris was climbing my back, yes, he is smarter than I am.  He knows how to be scared of 'that' noise.
In truth, it is an awesome noise.
A noise that reminds you that you are nothing compared to Mother Nature.
It is almost like hearing a Tornado arrive.  It is frightening, yet ... you want to see it.      
Well it was awesome.
After 10 minutes I waded back across the creek and continued my walk.

I shot dozens of photos in the past couple of days.
I need to sort through them. 
Snow-melt run off was absent last year.  
And this year I was lucky enough to witness the flood of water from the ridges not once, but twice!




  1. Wow, brilliant video! Clever Morris knowing the best place to be ;-)

  2. Great shots! Were you using your HS30 for these? I have an HS30 and was just now exploring the use of ND filters. I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the number of seconds for keeping the aperture open.

  3. Incredible shots...Amazing..!

    Android Developer

  4. Neal, I did use the Fuji for a shot not posted here. I will post it today, April 1st.
    You want to use the Aperture or Shutter buttons to get the camera to take a longer exposure. I think the highest the Fuji goes is F9, but you can get a great shot with that.
    I'll detail that today for you.