Sunday, March 17, 2013

Catch up and Catch all...

So seriously, who ordered this next round of winter weather?  2-4 inches of snow with 40mph winds!

Whoops, I have to go to work.
Okay no problem.
I have the JEEP.  It sucks the gas, but takes me through bad weather.

Okay enough about the bad weather.  It will melt anyways soon enough.  Right.
Just like all the solid ice in my yard.  Who knew I'd have to wear cleated snowshoes to hang out my laundry today?
It is freeze-drying as I type.

Well, it will smell fresh.

A couple of days ago, hubby came with me on a walk.  We had a great time just walking and talking while going through the woods.

Last night he informed me that he has picked up the 'crud'.  Now if my son reads this he and his wife should not feel bad.  It took a whole week for the symptoms to come up...who knows where it came from?

Well today the sun is shining! And I've got the itch to take a walk.  Sure it is icy, but I have those awesome cleats on my snowshoes.
The March sun is actually warm and since the forecast says I won't see it again for a few days, I think I'll venture out.

Okay, I have cabin fever.  I need to get out!
My body says go...go ... go!

I really wish I could ride, but alas the March ice has even the mules and cattle stepping carefully.

Well off to the wild white yonder...with snowshoes of course!



  1. 2-4 more inches of snow. Wow. And I was fussy because it's supposed to get back in the 30's at night.

  2. Wow hope it stops snowing soon, it's supposed to be Spring soon?!