Sunday, March 03, 2013

Free Fractal Programs

This time of year I usually get a bit bored of winter and find myself dabbling in 3D art and graphics. 
My last Mandelbulb 3d creation was posted on Flickr and jumped to something like #159 in Explore.  I'm not sure how Flickr's site works, but it is a nice honor to get a rating like that.

Perhaps it was the colors, who knows?

I like Apophysis 7X for flames, and I found another program called JWildfire that is really quite fun!

I've even joined the group on facebook so I can keep up with new updates, colors, and tutorials.  It is quite a nice group of people working hard on an open source program.  The creator hinted that the next version may be the last version of 'Open'.  I'm not sure, but perhaps then the program will be for sale? 

The images are fun and pretty fascinating.  I like to swap back and forth between the programs to get a little relief from Cabin Fever.

The above fractal was edited in PS.  Some of these effects can directly be done in JWildfire I understand but I haven't figured out quite how to do it yet.  Obviously I need to read through more tutorials.

 This last one is from some Mandelbulb 3d.  One of the great things is that you can find other people who will share parameters for their 'bulbs' on different sites.
These parameters came from Len1 on devianART.
Edited with PS and Flaming Pear plug in called Flood.

Many thanks to his sharing.

Keep in mind that Apophysis 7X, Mandelbulb 3d, and JWildfire are free graphic programs available for downloads.
There are many tutorials out there to help anyone along.
Sure cure for cabin fever.



  1. Breathtaking work, Val!. I love fractals and today's rendering techniques yield spectacular creations. I still keep my book by Benoit Mandelbrot from the 70's ...

  2. Thank you so much!