Saturday, March 09, 2013

Something New!

Yesterday I received an email from the Cygnus Studios.  I've known Steve for a while now.  I met him on a photography forum and then followed him to a site called Press The Shutter where I became a moderator.

On this site I was encouraged by fellow digital photographers to start a project and expand my horizons just a bit beyond hiding behind the camera.  The forum members kept encouraging me to take things a step further.

Out of their slight nudges came a self published book that I did through Blurb called The Sleeping Forest to follow up a 2009 book I'd done called The Enchanted Forest.
The books were a hit in my small neighborhood.
I didn't get wealthy selling copies.  In fact I think I made about 10 sales at about $5 profit for sale.
It was a labor of love, and not a money making venture.

Aside from straight photography, I've dabbled in manipulated photography.  I've tried to make photos look like paintings, I've used PS quite extensively to create what I wanted to call 
Phart-ography.  Instead I went the less painful route and have called it PhotoArt.

My addiction to creativity didn't end there.  With encouragement from Flickr friends and fellow photographers, I began to try and create something with a 'blank' canvas.
In short, I decided to use my computer as a large box of crayolas.

I dabbled in fractals.
I started doing that in 2007.  Fractal Explorer was the first program I ever tried.
I couldn't just leave well enough alone, I had to manipulate it of course.

 Then the programs became more interesting.  I worked with programs like Incendia, Mandelbulb 3d, Bryce, Apophysis 7X, and recently JWildfire.

Things began to get more involved and interesting.  I began to mix my fractals together trying to create 'something'.  
How does one get from a blank 'canvas' to a finished piece?

I start to play with the creation, experiment.  And when it 'feels' right I save it.

So what was the email about?  Steve Cygnus contacted me regarding a new internet magazine that he is compiling.  The magazine makes its Inaugural issue in May this year. 
The name of the magazine is Artist's Culture.

Check out updates on Facebook at Artists Culture

I am honored that Steve will be featuring some of my art.

My art is now available at Zenfolio, Mulewings~ PhotoArt.


Lori Skoog said...

Wow! I'm going to have to check all this out. You are very adventurous and I wish I could have read your self published books. Keep us posted would you?

Bronco Hollow said...

Val, I am so proud of you!! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

ditto on what Bronco says, i am so proud of you

gtyyup said...

Very good...I don't understand half of what you talk about with your editing, but you come up with awesome stuff. Way to go!