Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fractal Fun and Art?

Are Fractals really Art?

I'm pretty sure it is.  I've been looking around and finding some incredibly beautiful images by 'Fractal Artists'. has some incredible artists that work in 3d.  While beautiful does it please you?
Does it make you want to hang it on your wall?
Or do you believe that anything generated via computer is not Art?

One of my favorite deviants is Len1, go ahead and check his gallery out.  He not only creates beautiful Mandelbulb 3d art, but works in other forms of fractals also.
He post edits some of his work which I think sometimes is essential to get the wow effect.

I recently read a review of an artists work.  The reviewer said something like this.  
"The colors are pretty.  But what does it mean?  What emotion is it meant to cause for me?"

I thought about that comment a lot.  The reviewer has a good point.  The above fractal is interesting.  But seriously I doubt it will be found any time soon on someone's living room wall, or in a waiting room.

I sometimes try to 'create' a scene or just let my imagination run wild.
I made this 'piece' out of the above fractal and then added some figures, layers of clouds, it is a composite of sorts.
Mandelbulb 3d for backround image.
Dragon lower right side: [link]
Dragon upper left side:[link]
Overlay of my own cloud texture.

So is this considered my own art?  Or just a pretty creation.  Of course, I'll let you the reader decide that.

What is the allure of fractal art?
To me, it is about creation of beauty.  Sometimes it only has to please me and no one else.
I find myself working on this as much as my photography lately.

Partly because Spring has forgotten to arrive, I think.
However I can see some of my art [Zenfolio link] plastering my living room walls with colors, it may not please my husband, but it sure would please me.

Does fractal art have a place in the Art World?  I think it does right along side digital painting and other photographic wild manipulations.




jorge a b said...

Good question!
I agree that is art.
I've posted some of this questions time ago in my blog, and I think in terms of tools.
I mean that the computer is just a tool, like a brush. If you don't pick up the brush, it will just wait to be used, like the machine.
You have to learn to use the brush properly, like the PC.
Depend of the use you do with the programs.
Sometimes i think if Picasso had tools like this today he would no doubt using it, cause the infinite potencial it offers. :)

Val said...

jorge, you are absolutely right!

jorge a b said...

Thanks! Excellent post!