Friday, March 29, 2013

Watermark your Photos?

Why should you watermark your photos or put something on them to remind others that this belongs to you?

One of the best ways I've read over and over to prevent theft of any photo posted on the internet is...

Simply do not post them.
Honestly though we live a life of social media where we love to share.  We love to share on Facebook, Flickr, and other forms of social media.

One of the best ways to share photos in such places like FB is to post a small sized photo at 72dpi.  It can be clearly seen on the screen and admired.  It looks nice.

Someone copies it and decides to make a nice 8X10 photo for framing and...well it looks like pixelated blurs. 

The above shot was edited in a free on line editing program called PicMonkey. I resized it and added the Mulewings Logo in about 2 minutes. 
Here is a screen shot of PicMonkey:
I use a drop shadow for the print here so that it stands out from the backround.
In this first screen you can crop, rotate, fix exposure, edit your colors, sharpen, and resize.
Pretty nifty right?
Then there is all the fun stuff you can do.  Some of it is blocked unless you 'upgrade' to PicMonkeys paid program. I don't find that necessary.  
I also recommend iPiccy, for fun. 
Quick edit of an ice flow In iPiccy:

Why go out and spend $100's of dollars on pricey photo editing when you are not a professional and are a beginner?

I'm doing this series of 'help' tutorials for beginner photographers, who are just learning a bit more about photography.

I hope next time to touch base on what functions most point and shoot pocket cameras have.
And how to use them to your best advantage.

Look forward to an easy sunrise & sunset secret that some folks don't know.    


Lori Skoog said...

Thank you, thank you. I am going to try and do this. So far I have not been successful.

Val said...

Lori, I am doing some tutorials for a small group of folks from around the world.
We have a FB page that is private.

But most tuts will be posted here.

You are welcome.
If you have questions please feel free to ask.

I am NOT an expert, just trying to help others.

Carmen Mandel said...

Hello Val, thank you for sharing this post. As a photographer, I am always concerned about this subject. To ease the pain of editing single images, I recommend a free software programme to bulk copyright images:

Good luck with the course.

Val said...

Thank you Carmen!