Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bring on Spring!

I'm really waiting on Spring.
I know, you never thought you'd hear me say THAT!

Yes I do love winter.  But it seems to be dragging on a bit much this year.  Last year we were spoiled by an nice warm March and April.

The sun is so much stronger now.  Hard to believe that daylight savings time is just around the corner.
If I am correct, it is next Sunday.  That means light longer in the evening, something we all sort of crave.

I am busy thinking ahead to all the work Spring will bring.  The flower beds around the house and the garden next to the outhouse are still buried in snow and ice.
Yet I am anxious to get at them and rake out the old stuff and smell the dirt warming in the sunlight.

I suppose I'll get over that fairly quickly after working on it for a day or two!  Then my mind will turn to things I wanted to do all winter.
Start Nikki and Eddie, the donkeys under saddle.
Ride Siera, Opal, and Sunshine.

Start working and planning on my summer garden.
Green Beans.
More lettuce and some tomatoes. 
Simple and what we like to eat a lot of.

The Dexter Boys went in to be processed on Monday.  Hubby went to pick up their heads today.  I am going to de-flesh them and clean them up.  I plan on keeping the one with the loveliest horns and selling the other one.

Doesn't everyone want a small bull head with horns to decorate their house with?

I talked to my mom the other day.  She recieved 12" of snow when we had a dusting.  I told her she could keep it.
I'm still thinking about Spring!

...and lots of shedding mule hair!


  1. Spring is certainly on the way, look forward to hearing about the donkeys being started under saddle - very exciting!

  2. Crocus' and shedding mule's a good start!!!

    OK, on Flickr, how did you know that your photo had gotten into Explore? I look at my stats upon occasion, and there will be a day with 300 hits...but I can't figure out why? For such a simple thing, Flickr is sometimes difficult to understand.

  3. Come on Spring Bling, I need you here now. Melt the damn snow now.