Thursday, February 28, 2013

Farrier Visit and other Stuff.

Today was a farm chore day.  The farrier came and all 5 mules that were trimmed behaved.  

My mule Siera was first and of course she was a perfect lady.  
My husband was sitting on a stool in the shed holding her before the farrier arrived.  She saw me and knickered.  
I felt quite special.
I walked over to stand and look out the door and she side passed to get closer to me.  
Made me feel even more special-er.
Opal was pretty good.  
She trembled and quivered for the farrier but he confused her by doing her feet out of order.  
Big smiles. 
Then he sort of criticized her for not being trustworthy with her back feet.  
I got my back up and said that I could handle them no matter what and she didn't mind.
He then pointed out that if I had an accident and someone else had to handle her she would be un-cooperative.  
He did have a point.
But at 30 yrs old ... I told him not much was going to change with her.  She'd be that way until she died.  [Which I hope is far off!]
Being clever I made up a spread sheet to keep track of all trimming, worming, and vaccinations.  Wow, I'm organized right?
Then I started messing around with Graphics and Fractals.

The day outside was crappy and I needed something to keep me occupied.  I'd already vaccumed, put away laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and dusted a bit...hmmm, better check my temperature right?

Next big job is to get hubby to clean off the table!
I mean on his side of the table, there are parts of things and paperwork, old Shopping News papers, scraps, and all his medications.
I swear, I'm not sure how he can eat with all that 'stuff' crowding his plate!

Well, off to work now, an overnighter.
At least I got a good long nap in this afternoon.


The Three Muleteers said...

We have the same problem! One of the mules will let most folks near their feet, the other only me or when feeling very kind and with lots of bribery my husband. Best not get sick..... Or divorced ;-)

Val said...

Absolutely true!

Lori Skoog said...

The farrier was here on the same day.
Love what you are doing in your spare time...gorgeous color and designs.

Val said...