Friday, February 15, 2013

To the Cave Today?

Most of these are from our big hike on the 13th.

I'm hoping today to put on the Bear Claw snowshoes and head back to the 'cave'.

With all the melting and freezing, the cave ought to have a wonderful cascade of ice formations.
And, I try to make it there any time there is a possibility of ice formations.

Here are the boulders that Dixie and I climbed the other day.  This is also a great place to shoot gully washers and flash floods as they pound through the dry run and over the boulders.

 Just a fun shot of Dixie in the creek while she was searching for brown trout.

 She has come a long way from being the pup who was terrified of water to a dog that seeks it out.

During our short hike I found some more of those very cool rocks called 'iron concretions'.

I collect them of course.  It seems as if they like to 'find' me.

On our way home I had noticed that the dead oak leaves are beginning to fall and litter the forest floor.  Are the trees budding now?  Or was the wind so fierce?  I stopped and watch one drift slowly to the floor.
Perhaps this is a sign of an early spring?
The chickadees called in the woods.

 Today may be a good day to go wander about and see if any deer sheds jump up at me also.

This morning's beautiful sky promises a nice cool day.
Outside the sparrows are making morning song ...

After chores, I need to pack a backpack and head out.  My husband had thought that 'this' hike that I do all the time...was 'awful' far.  By foot it can be.  Easier by mule.
But there is too much ice under the snow.

Well off to chore land!

The creatures await!


  1. Some very expectant faces! Looks like a busy day :-)

  2. Your dog is absolutely gorgeous! Nice those deep blue skies.