Thursday, February 07, 2013

Dixie is getting BIG! by Morris

I don't know why, but these hound dogs seem to grow like weeds.  
As they grow, they become more irritating too.  
Dixie is nice but she has no idea that she is WAY bigger than me and can knock me down.

I usually have to set her straight with a growl and show of teeth.

She is not bad to go into the woods for walks with as she can 'break trail' through the deeper snow than I can...but generally she has to either chase me, or go off on her own, so that doesn't always work so well.

 Then she likes to follow me or play hide and go seek on...HER.  But Dixie doesn't realize that I blend in with the snow and rocks, while she does not.
 See my tail at the bottom left of the above photo?  I figured you might not see it....

On the driveway or on the flat I can really out maneuver her still.  I can still make sharp turns that leave her with tangled up legs and put the after burners on and jet out of her way.
she usually follows.


But in the end it usually works out.  I find something interesting to dig out of the snow and she usually comes up and investigates also.



gtyyup said...

Hi Morris, Cindy Sue here. Dixie IS getting big. Ya know, I get the same treatment from Red 'n Rastus. They bowl me over like I'm not even there. But, I'm a nice girl and don't even give them a growl...maybe I should! You look like you're having lots of fun...wish I was there to play with you. Your furiend, CS

Lori Skoog said...

Beautiful shots of the pups!

The Three Muleteers said...

Morris you are such a good dog looking after that big hound puppy, puppies are nice but man they take some parenting don't they? My puppy is always busy biting at my legs and trying to lay on top of me, can you believe it he is even stealing my toys... how long til they grow up??! Sending you sympathies from one that understands - The Pocket Sized Labrador x