Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Hiking

The above altitude map shows the GPS hike of yesterday.
We hiked approximately 1.8 miles...well, my husband did a bit further as he walked down the valley further while I had stopped to set up some shots with water and ice.

The footing was not bad.  Although the walking was very difficult.
Most of the time Thelma could run on top of the crust.

Not us though.  Each step was an effort.  I told my husband how much easier snow shoes would have been.
He doesn't have a pair though.

The plan was we'd part ways mid valley and I'd head to the ice cave.  Instead of going back home, he decided to walk further down the valley so I decided to accompany him.

I am glad I did.
I found the prettiest little waterfalls with ice formations.
I set up and more than once Thelma decided to jump on me and help.

Hubby called her off.

So I got a few more shots in.

At another part of the creek, we watched small brown trout flit back and forth.  Because of the water reflection I couldn't catch them with the camera.
But I was able to 'catch' the ripples in the water they made.

 Then there was the long walk home and up the steep trail to our place.

Along the way, hubby tried to point out racoon tracks to Thelma who was more interested in getting a pat on the head.

I could only wish we'd have more days like this!

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