Monday, February 11, 2013

So I don't like ice.

This is what I was greeted with yesterday afternoon after the temperatures rose and the sleet turned into heavy rain.

It poured for hours.
Normally this doesn't bother me.
Unless I am scheduled to work, then it does.
I'm sorry but nothing short of having chains on the tires will get you safely out to the black top which is 2 miles away in any direction from the curve in the road.

The back road includes 2 tricky 90 degree turns that involve up and down...hills with banks.
And that is the 'good' way out.

When temps climb and it rains on very cold gravel roads, the road becomes instant ice.  Glossy, glassy, beautiful brown ice.
Dangerously beautiful.

I could not walk across the road I had to slide one foot, then pull the other over until I was able to get into the snow in the ditch and only then could I walk safely.
Under the snow, the melted snow and water was ankle deep.

Well I can say that life in the countryside is never really boring.
What I can also say is that the township has yet to come out and dump any gravel on the road.

I will probably take the less desirable way off the ridge tomorrow because I've got reports from a neighbor that one culvert flooded and the water is about a foot deep over the road.
Tonight that should become ice.

I guess I'll avoid that stretch.

Gotta love February!
Hate ice on the roads!


Lori Skoog said...

That is the worst ice scenario I have seen. I would not even consider going near it.

The Three Muleteers said...

That looks terrible! Stay safe... maybe back to snow would be better?!

Val said...

Thanks. We rec'd some snow and a bit of gravel from the township...then some melt and they plowed the ice today.