Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun with Fractals

I just came across a new Fractal program recently called JWildfire.

I wanted to try it out.  In fact I kept going back to look at it and investigate it more before deciding to download the program.  Yes, free.

Donations accepted.

It is much like Apophysis 7X in a way but...not better, but different.  If you have used Apophisis in any form you can probably get along with JWildfire.

Thank you tAndreas Mascheke for creating this program.
I'm a novice at this new program, but I like trying new things and new graphic 'art' programs.  There is quite the debate as to whether or not computer generated graphics are 'Art'.  

But to me ... yes they are.
If I can control how the colors appear and edit them in 3rd party programs such as CS2 then I have an 'artistic' control over the fractal flames.

How would you define the following creation?

The characters-- dragons were created in Daz 3D.  The backround was created in Mandelbulb 3D.  Everything else was edited in CS2.  Some folks would simply call this fantasy and say there was no artistic talent involved in it.

Yes, I 'generated' it ... I did not draw it. 

It was fun seeing what I could do with different graphic programs.

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  1. Very funny and creative! People say this is done with the computer. But the computer just wait. It don't create for itself, so this is the magic touch what everyones create!