Sunday, March 17, 2013

Scratching the Itch

Mr. Morris was tucked under my arm as I scooted out the back door.  Hubby was taking his afternoon nap.  A pork roast was slow cooking and the afternoon looked sunny and bright.

We hurried quietly picking our way around the icy driveway and up between the buildings towards the woods.
Morris jumped out of my arms and began to race ahead of me.

He was happy.  He raced ahead of me so that he can have time to sniff all things important and watch me as I am coming.

In no time flat we made it to the creek bed.  I marched along the rocky strewn bottom picking my way over icy areas and areas of water.

I stopped to look at turkey and raccoon tracks.  
Morris tended to dog business.

We covered ground swiftly and headed east into the wind and through the valley.  I was looking for something different today, not the usual fair of water, rocks, and ice.
We found tracks of a person who had hiked on the snowmobile trail.  I considered taking the logging road to the back valley but it was solid ice.

I walked mostly in the creek bed.  Even with the rain and the snow melt, the creek hadn't come up to its previous level.

I cut up towards the huge dry run that ran north.  The boulders were covered in snow and ice and I could here water trickling faintly in spots.

 I decided to see how far up the ravine I could climb before getting out.

 I followed the ice flows.  Or...should I say where the runoff water had cut through the ice in between the boulders.

It was impressive to see what running water can do.  I'd like to be near this spot when the next big melt occurs.

I literally had to climb the wall of this ravine to get out.  It was not as difficult as it would be in the summer.  I was able to stomp my boot toes into the side of the snow and create footholds.

Thoroughly tired from the climb, I decide to walk across the cropland and stay on the ridge to head home. 
The walking on the ice crusted snow was difficult but the views I got were worth it.

 And Mr. Morris and I headed towards home.
 He is sleeping soundly in 'his' easy chair.

I scratched my itch.  I wanted to hike and we went for a very long tough one.

A few times I wished I'd had a mule, but it is still too icy. 


gtyyup said...

A great day! No Dixie?

The Three Muleteers said...

Alas no mule but there's always Morris - a pleasure to see his handsome self :-)

Val said...

I took Morris but not Dixie as I knew I'd be doing some serious climbing and she would have cut up her pads on the ice crust.

Morris however walked on top of the crust!