Sunday, May 31, 2009

Waitin' on Baby

Well one more 'night' of working the 'first' shift.
The shift begins at midnight and goes to 8AM.

Things get rockin' at the plant from about 4:30 to 8. I work all shifts as a part time fill in security guard, so of course I get bounced around.
The whole idea behind this part time job is that I get to spend more time with my animals and training.

While doing the mid to 8, I've worked out somewhat of a system. Come home, chore, visit with hubby...then crash for a while.
Sometimes I spend about 30 minutes with one of the 'trainees' in the round pen.
One thing about mules and donkeys. If you can get them to do what you've asked them to do>>>

Quit and go to something else. I find that if I quit all together, and end the 'work' session, I progress much faster.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That aside.
I am waiting on a foal from Cheyenne.
She is uncomfortable and is showing it.
She is waxing so it could be 'any time'.
This is her second foal in 9 years. It will also be her last.

My dilemma is, I'd like to be out sleeping in the horse trailer next to where she is in a grassy paddock. But heck and darnit.
I have to work that 'first' shift again.

I'm hoping she decides to wait until I come home in the morning.
Cheyenne's first foal, Sunshine.She rocks!


mj said...

Got mule yet?

Val said...

not yet!