Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not as dumb as he looks!

Such an innocent looking face.

Yet there in that little pea-brain of his ~~~ is a plot.

Morris's life cycles around 'feeding' time. He loves those two very special times of the day in which someone puts kibbles into his dog bowl.
It creates such excitement in him that he literally shakes with anticipation.

He now has a seemingly innocent new habit. After being fed, he'll go lay down quietly on the couch or in front of the heater [if it is on].

Later on, when he figures enough time has passed, he'll go start nagging the other person in the house to 'feed' him.
[heck, why not, it has worked before!]

On my early shifts, he 'asks' for breakfast at 4:30AM in hopes that he'll get another when hubby wakes up.

My conclusion is~~ everyone should have some sort of witty pet that is always 'testing' them. I do think he is just trying to train us.

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