Saturday, May 16, 2009


[Spreading Jacob's Ladder~Greek-Valerian]

So this thing...this finding and identifying the flowers and plants native to my area has become quite a hobby to me.
I find myself taking notes as to when I find these plants and where. I include the conditions I find them under also.

It has given me a whole new appreciation for the forest that surrounds me.
Naw, I'm not going to go out and hug up a tree or anything...

But I started to notice things each year in the woods. I'd stop and admire them, then wonder what they were.
Finally I decided to learn what these plants are.

Some of the common names are definitely worth looking into!

Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
Bishop's Cap
Bouncing Bet
Doll's Eyes
Beggar Lice

I hope to get some fantastic photos and compile them together and make a nice photo book with descriptions of how, when, and where to find them.

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