Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thanks so much

I have some pretty awesome people in my family who certainly step up to the plate to help me figure out some things that are actually pretty darned obvious.

I was totally unaware as a consumer who used a credit card that I can be afforded protection by the credit card company [if it is warranted and valid, of course].

My son helped me immensely as did my brother in guiding me. At least it is a start.

The short and long of it is this:

I used my credit card to put a 'deposit' on the shipping of a mule from WA to WI. The shipper has since ignored all phone messages and emails for follow up. She promised shipment of the mule withing 14-16 days of payment. That was on April 7th.

Since that date we have been unable to reach said shipper and she has not returned any of our phone calls. In fact, she hasn't returned email replies either.

I called my Credit Union and discussed this issue with the woman in charge of the Credit Card Department.
She called the shipper [tele-conference] and actually got through to leave a message.
"I am Dawn with WCCU and I am calling because one of our members ....blah blah blah, please give me a call back."

If no call is returned in 24 hours we will be going to the next step which is a 'dispute'. Followed by a charge back.

More people ought to be aware of their rights as consumers.
I guess I wasn't because I've never had cause to have an issue.

Again, thank you guys, you are the best.

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