Friday, May 29, 2009


The woods make me feel welcome.
Okay I'm sure you think that is an odd statement.

But it isn't.
And the woods do.
I never feel odd there, I never feel threatened. I am always comfortable and relaxed. My mind opens up and takes in the noises of the woodland.

The woods make me feel whole and...confident. They give me strength, they give me the choice to be silly...
I can sing and dance in the woodland...and the trees never laugh.

Perhaps there is an old oak that does...

I can run down a deer trail willy nilly, or sit quiet at the creek's edge and just dream.

It can be 95 degrees and hot and humid, and yet I can be happy wandering around through the berry briers and creeks.
It can be 20 below, and I am pleased to be crunching along through the snow and the ice...stopping in wonder at the strange ice formations that I find.
[I rather like the winter though~~less bugs!]

The woods is where I go 'treasure hunting'. And oh yes, I find many treasures.

I was once told that I should write a book about me and Morris and our adventures. This person thought it was such a wonderful idea.
I really don't have exciting adventures, but I do find interesting things.

Today we found mushrooms, skunk cabbage, marsh marigolds, a black glove, the top to a weber grill, a shoe [of all things!...with just its sole], and a portion of a hunting blind.
We were of course on the neighbor's land near where they camp and hunt a few times a year.

The rest of the year, it is like my personal playground.
The owner likes it, as I keep an eye on 'his' woods.

Heh...strange to say, but I think the 'woods' like me better.
And~~I think they keep an 'eye' on me.


mj said...

Mulewings (the blog title ) brought me to your site, but your writing made me want to join it. You have a nice way with words, and it seems that you have a keen understanding of the connections between animals and their people. Keep writing, mancosmule mj

Val said...

Thank you, I tried to stay all mules...but I'm a scattered person who loves all things.