Saturday, May 30, 2009

Are donkeys stubborn?

Nope they are not.

Meet Eddie.
He is not even one year old yet.

Today we were working on our manners [which he is pretty good at!]. Part of our work each time consists of picking up the feet one at a time and letting me pick them out...or just hold onto them.
[this really helps later on in life when he has grown big!]

Today he decided that I wasn't going to pick up his back feet.
Did he kick?
He simply laid down in protest.

What did he find out?

I could sit on him and still do his feet.
He didn't struggle, just watched me curiously.

He's going to make a fine riding donkey when he grows up.
Soon we are going to start on leading.
Not just regular leading...he can do that.

Leading down the trails in the woods.
I figure this summer he can learn to accompany me on my hikes and carry things for me ... after all he is still just shy of a year old.

Good boy Eddie.

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mj said...

Love the photo of Eddie. He sounds like a very smart boy! looking forward to hear more about him.