Saturday, May 02, 2009

Call me Crabby Pants

Yep, I know I shouldn't be. But I am.

Went to bed that way and woke up that way.

Let's just call it the result of a v-e-r-y long day at work and then a 'battle' of the computers at home.

I come home from work and first thing I'm asked~~~ [I've been up since 2AM and have worked 12 hrs...]

What's for supper honey???

and then...
While you make supper, I'll use your computer for a while, because it is faster than mine!

[grump, grump...I can feel Mz. Ugly coming out in me. Hold the claws and fangs. Deep breath.]

My initial reaction is to say... with much sarcasm:
Gee, Honey, what is for supper? I've been at work all day!...or...
Why isn't Supper ready?...or
What? You. Are. Kidding. Correct?

I throw a pizza in the oven and glare at him while he is on MY laptop.

My parting words as I drop into bed as he complains that his computer is too slow [it really is slow compared to the laptop]....are:

Go get yourself a computer.

I think I should go out and find some 'nice' pills. After all, today is going to be busy at the plant with the official Outage starting today.

I wonder what IS for supper tonight?

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