Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A pain in the heart...

Sometimes you just have to write from your heart and say to heck with it. There is a real struggle in this as you [as the writer, don't like anyone to know you are full of feelings~even if those feelings are silly to others].

Let me introduce you to Thunder.
A big red hound dog.
When my husband bought him [for hunting] and brought him home, I decided that I absolutely would NOT like Thunder. So I avoided him. When I walked past his house, he'd wiggle and his tail would rap like...well thunder on the ground. His whole body language screamed ~~

Hello! Come pet me! I love people!

I turned my head and walked away, with a yearning to do as he asked.
Then my hubby had to be hospitalized for a couple of days and it was up to me to do the 'hound dog feeding'. The other dog didn't impress me much.
Thunder however wiggled and wagged so hard when I approached him that he nearly fell over with the effort.
So while feeding him for those few days, I petted him, hugged him, and loved him up. He returned the favor by leaning softly against me and holding ever so still.

Hubby had commented that he needed to take Thunder out and exercise him and teach him to 'come when called'. So last week I did exactly that.
What fun we had~Thunder came running when called, his big red houndog ears flapping wildly as he ran with a funny puppy like lope.

He dropped into a sit and stuck his head between my knees where I reached down and roughed his ears. He groaned in delight and his tail thumped the ground.
Oh this was not good. I was really liking this red dog.

My heart went 'pop' and he was in. He was a new true doggy friend.
My hubby caught me embracing Thunder later on. I was enjoying the large dog's warmth ... and I was pretty sure that he was enjoying the human hug.

'I don't want you spoiling that dang dog! He's going to be a hunting dog not a pet!'

Thunder leaned softly into me. Hubby's words of the other night echoed in my head~~'If Thunder can't tree a coon, he won't be kept around.'
I buried my face in Thunder's neck and held back the sudden onset of tears.

Well then if Thunder can't tree a coon then maybe I can teach him to tree 'possum for me. Either way, my heart felt a pang. So why is it I have such hard true feelings for animals that are so much stronger than for other humans?
The love of a dog is something very special. Something that cannot ever be explained to those who've never experienced it.

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Rachel said...

:) Sweetness! He probably needed to be loved as much as you did.