Wednesday, May 27, 2009


'Oh Gramma, it is dark in here!'

I look around and indeed it is dark in the gooseneck of our horsetrailer. But we were camping out...Ariel's first real campout.
Well, not out in the woods in a tent camp out, but a camp out inside our horse trailer sleeping out.

So this was a grand new adventure.

'It's not SO dark Ariel if we move the curtains and let the starlight in.' I parted the curtains on each side of the sleeping area.

The starlight flowed in and lit up our sleeping area.

'Oh, I see Lil' Richard the pony!' She was quiet for a moment then said. 'But Gramma, what if something tries to get us?'

[every little kid's fear, I guess]

Lil' Richard was tied to a stake not far from the horse trailer, doing what he does best, trimming.
We could see him in the starlight, his white patches seemed to glow.

'Well,' I said, 'Lil' Richard will keep us safe, he is guarding us. If anything comes this way, he will whinney and prance and scare it off.
Besides, we have Morris and he'll also keep us safe.'

'Oh good,' Ariel patted Morris who wiggled happily. [Morris is always happy!]

That seemed to satisfy Ariel enough so that she could cuddle down with her blanket.
Morris of course had to find the perfect spot between us to sleep. He too was tired and took no time at all falling asleep.

We'd had a very busy day. Hiking in the woods, finding morel mushrooms, visiting with the animals...and taking walks.
Ariel, Morris, and I fell asleep with the starlight filtering through the horse trailer windows and the noises of farm animals eating owl hooted in the distance...

...and all was peaceful.

Of course until the sun broke the horizon and the animals began to bray...
then it was time to get up and Ariel was bright eyed and ready to go.

Grandma was a bit bleary eyed and ready...well ~~ I got up anyway, for I knew I could get some coffee in the house.

Today we were going to go riding on the mules!

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