Friday, May 08, 2009

Rode anyway!

So I felt like crap with a capitol 'C'.

After spending the morning sleeping and resting, I realized that although my throat was burning, I had too much energy to waste a beautiful day.
The sky was incredibly blue and the grass had that perfect spring green color.

Besides, I was going through 'Mule Withdrawal', which in my book,... is nearly fatal. [grin!]

Morris did a hilarious thing when I carried what I needed down to the horse trailer before catching Badger.
He followed me and watched me set my pistol, camera, water bottle, and saddle horn bag inside the doorway of the tack room.

Morris jumped up inside and sat. He wouldn't come out.

I went to get Badger and when I walked down the driveway towards the horse trailer where I usually saddle Badger up~~~Morris was peeking around the doorway.
I gather he was afraid that I'd tie him up and he wouldn't be able to go!

Our ride was more of a 'stroll' than anything else. At times I got down and photographed some trilliums and at others the three of us just enjoyed the view and the warm sunshine.

At the creek we spent some time...Badger nibbling on greens.
Me just listening to the birds and the creek noises.
Morris finding some deliciously stinky things to roll in.

~~~and it was a fine day.

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